Research topics

My research activities are in the field of Geomatics. They come from different areas: :


  • The extraction and knowledge management from geographic databases

    Modeling and knowledge extraction from spatial data stores.

    The power of geographic databases through knowledge extraction techniques for urban transport planning.

    The extraction of knowledge for the semantic enrichment of geographic databases.

    The excavation of spatio temporal data for the generalization paths in a road network.

    The extraction of knowledge based expert cognition and spatiotemporal data mining.

    The upward search of geographic data for extraction of choremes.

    The integration of user profiles in the construction of spatial data warehouses.

    The operation of data stored in heterogeneous geographic databases and social networks for disaster management.

  • Big Geo data

  • Smart Cities

  • The semantic enrichment of BDG for the generation of coherent texts

  • The structuring of text data for the Enrichment of BDG

  • The integration of geographic information systems

  • Modeling, operation and visualization of information quality in geographic databases

  • The implementation of knowledge extraction methods for the qualification of geographic databases