SIG of LTSIRS 's Team


The LTSIRS (Remote Sensing Laboratory and Information Systems Spatial Reference) was established in 1990. Since 1999, the LTSIRS is recognized as Research Unit (99 / UR / 11-11) of the National School of Engineers Tunis (ENIT).

The LTSIRS has training objectives, research and development are in the areas of Earth observation from space and spatial analysis of the territory which are important components in the current concerns environmental preservation and management of natural resources.

LTSIRS of the skills are therefore in the fields of remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS) or Geomatics more broadly. These skills are realized through the conduct, development and execution of scientific and technical research, coupled with training and awareness in the areas mentioned.

The overall objective of the research conducted LTSIRS is to develop the knowledge, know how and expertise in remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS), including by contributing to the research training levels doctoral and master.

This objective is pursued in three research areas:


Remote sensing and image processing and signal : Analysis and modeling of textures, Interferometry, Data Fusion, Stereovision, Polarimetry, source separation, Reconstruction3D.

SIG : GeoDecision (SDWH, SDM et SOLAP), Geographical database, BD Spatio-Temporal, Ontologies, enrichment of GIS, 3D, Web mapping, GéoOpenSource Qualification of BDG.

geomatics applications in the fields of environment, natural resources, watersheds, coastal and urban planning.

The SIG team

The SIG team develop specific approaches for:


The production, management and reuse of knowledge extracted by data mining in the context of geographic databases (BDG)

Smart cities

The definition choremes to summarize BDG

Developing approaches dedicated to the integration of geographical data in geographic data warehouses

Enriching BDG

The integration of geographic information systems

Research students and teachers researchers of our team belong to different universities

Members of the SIG team

  1. Sami Faiz, Professor in IT Management
  2. Dr Sami Yassine Turki, Assistant Master in civil engineering
  3. Dr Khaoula Mahmoudi, Assistant Master in IT Management
  4. Dr Ibtissem Cherni, Assistant Master in IT Management
  5. Dr Hana Alouaoui, Assistant in IT Management
  6. Dr Imen Bizid
  7. Dr Besma Khalfi
  8. Dr Sana Ezzedine, Technologue en Informatique
  9. Asma Gharbi, PhD
  10. Ghada Landoulsi, PhD
  11. Nessrine Hassini, PhD, PES
  12. Ahmed Toujani, PhD
  13. Sana Hamdi, PhD
  14. Sarra Hasni, PhD
  15. Donia Nsiri, PhD
  16. Sana Rekik, PhD
  17. Ahmed Dridi, PhD
  18. Rawia Bdioui, PhD
  19. Mustapha Mimouni, PhD
  20. Symphorien Moncia, PhD
  21. Marouen Battache, PhD